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Taeyang’s Older Brother, Dong Hyun Bae transfers to MGB Entertainment!

Taeyang’s older brother, actor Dong Hyun Bae, has signed with MGB Entertainment, joining actors Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Jae Hee, Park Tam Hee, Seo Young Hee, and Park Dong Bin. 

The agency announced on July 23, "Dong Hyun Bae signed an exclusive contract with us recently. Dong Hyun Bae is an actor who has endless passion and inherent talent. More than anything, he’s also sincere. He’s an actor who’s gained experience in theater and musicals, and we’ll help him live up to his potential. We plan to support him professionally, so he can show you all his other charms in various fields besides acting." 

Dong Hyun Bae debuted in the 2006 film ‘Simple Confession’ and went on to appear in numerous movies like ‘Korea 1%’, ‘Commitment’, the dramas ‘Holy Land’ and ‘Shut Up and Flower Boy Band’, and the musical ‘Grease’ among others. 

*NOTE: Dong Hyun Bae was previously under Wayz Entertainment

Source: enews

Translated by: AKP

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GD x FRIENDS - 140720 Instagram Updates!

GD: “emoji️Rockandrolleremoji️”

Fake Tokyo/CANDY Chief Director Shogo Yanagi: “Rollerskateboysemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemoji #rollerskate

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Taeyang for 1st Look Korea “RISE again, Taeyang”


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G-Dragon Instagram Update (140722)

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G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport back from Japan (140721)

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G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport back from Japan (140721)

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MTV Fan Army Face-Off: Which Army Is Strongest? Round 3

Vote for BIGBANG here

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