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Seungri’s Facebook Update (130813)

"Big Bang Seungri’s 2nd mini album LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE. I’ll introduce the first song ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’. It wasn’t hard to set the theme of this album. It’s a love song that makes me feel closer to fans and the public and I wanted to make an album full of love stories. My age is 24, it’s a good time to talk about love deeply. Love.. yes, love. I’m not sure if it was love or not, but I was happy and hurt/sad. Maybe it was love. The song is sung by three cool guys. Seungri, G-Dragon and Taeyang.

The combination of our names is kind of awkward but not that unfamiliar too. We are on the same team but have different attractions… We are each preparing solo albums, so we bump into each other at recording studios many times. I wanted to work with my hyungs. I’m excited just from imagining it! Chic beats and simple sounds of instruments, they are already enough. I made my part and hyungs made theirs. Jiyong hyung made good raps and Taeyang hyung completed good melodies for the bridge. It was so much fun. I feel like I worked with other artists, not ones from the same team. It was like I’m drawing & the hyungs are coloring in. It’s a song made beautiful by such nice people so I’m confident with it, and it makes people have a high expectation for their (G-Dragon and Taeyang’s) solo albums that will be released after mine.

ps. Jiyongie hyung, Youngbae hyung, I love you all for real.”

Source: Seungri’s Facebook
Translated by @ShrimpLJY via bigbangupdates

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Seungri’s Facebook Update (130812)

"Big Bang Lee Seungri’s second mini album Let’s Talk About Love. I had once lost courage for music. I was so overwhelmed by the talented older members of the team that I wanted to do something else other than music. A year ago, when I returned to Korea after my activities as an entertainer in Japan, the president of YG Yang Hyun Suk and I had a meeting… In his room on the 7th floor, we had a conversation that instantly changed my wrong attitude. He took on a guy like me to YG and I got to be a member of group Big Bang. Sometimes as a boss, and sometimes as a teacher, he made me into a decent person and had great expectations from me. He told me, a young man who loves to hang out with his friends, to concentrate my energy on music. My heart was about to burst and I felt embarrassed… As a result, I came up with some work of music and Yang Hyun Suk was greatly satisfied with it that I came to release an album.

To briefly introduce my album, although I participated in writing and producing of all songs… in the end, this is Big Bang’s music. For the last 8 years, I’ve been brought up listening to Big Bang’s music produced by G-Dragon. I was greatly influenced by his music and learned a lot from it. I wanted to put all of these into this album. As the youngest member of Big Bang, I wanted to make music that I wouldn’t be embarrassed of in front of my older members. Even now, before the album is released, this album has changed me substantially and I will grow through this album. This album will make up for all my mistakes that I have made. For my hardworking staff, for my team, for my loving fans, and for myself.”


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[HQ] Taeyang at Haneda Airport & Gimpo Airport (130812)

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[HQ] Taeyang performing at a-nation 2013 (130811)


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[HQ] Taeyang performing at a-nation 2013 (130811)


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[HQ] Taeyang performing at a-nation 2013 (130811)


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