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[FAN-ACCOUNT] (111221) After “StayG Season 2” Concert, Seungri: “I’m okay now, I’m not sick anymore”


My Christmas treat to everyone :) 

(This is all in first person. I isn’t me; it’s lol)

I only managed to get Lee Seunghyun’s autograph a bit later because he wasn’t feeling that well on his birthday.

After the G-market event on the 21st, I went to dinner with my friends. Just as we were about to sit down and order, the company called me and said that Seungri was heading to YGE. Since I lined up overnight, I originally wanted to go home after dinner, post 2 pictures then go to sleep but then I realized it would have to be today. I had to finish my mission today. I went home without eating, quickly grabbed the pen and paper for getting his autographs and waited outside YGE. It was incredibly windy that night and it was only -8/-9 degrees. It got even colder later throughout the night. I kept worrying whether it would be too much to ask for his autograph in such cold weather, but there was no time left. If I waited, it would be until next year…

He came out around 3:10am but he went to the big company van and sat in the back. The windows at the back are hard to open so I could only see him through a narrow crack. When the car started, I shouted twice but there didn’t seem to be any response from him. I started to get anxious. At this time, the car went right in front of me and then the door at the back suddenly opened with a bang! He was wearing the jacket from the concert and when the door opened,

he immediately shouted, “Ah cold! So cold! Why aren’t you at home?!”
Me: “We sent the birthday presents a bit late…the shoe size….”
(I hadn’t even finished talking and he cut me off)
SR: “The shoe size is right. It’s right!”
Me: “What do you mean it’s right?! It’s a bit big so if it’s not the right size, go change it soon! There’s no time left. Oh yeah, sign for us…I’m sorry, I know it’s really cold today and I’m still asking you to sign for us…”
SR: “It’s so cold.”
Me: “The autograph is for the site.”
SR: “Then hurry and give it to me, hurry hurry.”
(I was fumbling for my piece of paper for quite awhile and I was sure he hated me at that moment)
Me: “Did you see our support for you? The ones from the Chinese fans.”
SR: “Ah! I saw it!”
(I nodded my head and said again)
Me: “I’m sorry to ask you to sign when it’s so cold. Are you feeling better now? Are your lips okay?”
SR: “I’m okay now, I’m not sick anymore.”
Me: “Write something for the Chinese fans.”
(And so he started to write ‘Thank you’ but wrote the ‘K’ incorrectly -_-)
Me: “How come it’s ‘Thank you’ again??
(So he wrote ‘I love you’ in the bottom. I was speechless lol. I wanted him to write in Korean and then I could translate it but since it was so cold, I didn’t want to keep bothering him.)

After he signed for me, some Japanese fans wanted to shake his hands but he didn’t do it and instead said, “Za!! Go home now! Gogogo!” & then he put his hand out to close the car door. I helped him close the door and said, “Okay, I’m going home now. Rest when you get home. You can’t be sick again!” He kept saying “Gogogo” & then the door closed and the car left.


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    I wonder if he had the flu or something. poor baby. :c
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