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Daesung’s “D’scover” Album Cover + Track-List

From YG Entertainment:

BIGBANG’s Daesung (D-Lite) will be making his solo Japanese debut in 2013 and now the album covers have been revealed.

His debut Japanese solo album ‘D’scover’ will be released on February 27. Daesung’s Japanese album will be composed of 12 songs in all, including rearrangements of J-Pop music as well as his original solo songs, “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Wings”.

Also, Daesung will be holding his first solo concerts at Kobe’s World Memorial Hall from March 23 ~24 and the Tokyo Nippon Budokan from March 30~31.


1. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi (Sunny Hill)
(Lyrics & Music : D・A・I / Produced by Kameda Seiji)

2. Ai (Love)
(Lyrics & Music : Hata Motohiro / Produced by Matsuo Kiyoshi)

3. Utautai no Ballad (Singer’s Ballad)
(Lyrics & Music : Saitou Kazuyoshi / Produced by Kameda Seiji)

4. Zenryoku Shounen (Best Boy)
(Lyrics & Music : Ouhashi Takuya, Tokita Shintarou / Produced by Sasaji Masanori)

5. Hello
(Lyrics : Ayaka / Music : Ayaka & Matsuura Akihisa / Produced by Kameda Seiji)

6. Joyful
(Lyrics & Music : Mizuno Yoshiki / Produced by Sasaji Masanori)

7. Yasashisa de Afureru youni (Like Overflowing with Kindness)
(Lyrics : Ogura Shinkou, Kameda Seiji / Music : Ogura Shinkou / Produced by Matsuo Kiyoshi)

8. Aitakute ima (Missing You Now)
(Lyrics : MISIA / Music : Jun Sasaki / Produced by Matsuo Kiyoshi)

9. Yume no Tsubomi (The Flower Bud of My Dream)
(Lyrics & Music : Fujimaki Ryouta / Produced by Kameda Seiji)

(Lyrics & Music : E. KNOCK / Japanese Lyrics : Shoko Fujibayashi)

(Lyrics : G-DRAGON, D-LITE / Music : G-DRAGON, Pil Kang Choi / Japanese Lyrics : RJ Project)


12. Konya wa Boongie Back (Tonight is Boogie Back) nice vocal feat. VERBAL (m-flo)

(Lyrics & Music : K.OZAWA, M.KOSHIMA, S.MATSUMOTO, Y.MATSUMOTO / Produced by VERBAL (m-flo))

: YG Family @ FB, Excite Japan, YGEX Japan

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