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[NEWS] TOP Reminisces about His Injury during Big Bang’s World Tour

On August 17th, broadcast of jTBC's special documentary, 'Big Bang, Singing Towards the World,’ T.O.P revealed how he took to the stage on the world tour despite his injury.

The documentary showed everyone being worried because of T.O.P’s injury occurring at an unfortunate time.

T.O.P shared, “Because I was filming a movie and at the same time on this world tour, there were many sleepless nights, so I wasn’t in the right condition. Due to carelessness, pieces of broken glass exploded and a piece of skin from my hand came off. I still have the scar, but it’s a scar with a memory for me.”

Seungri commented, “I felt bad about him looking so exhausted. There was nothing I can do for him as a younger brother.” Daesung also added, “He wrapped a bandage around it and performed reliably on stage. I was moved after seeing him like that.”

T.O.P had injured his hand while filming the movie, ‘Alumnus.’

Source: Allkpop

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Preview of Big Bang Alive Tour Documentary on JTBS (130816)

Big Bang world tour documentary <Big Bang, Singing to the World> is going to be aired on August 17th at 11 PM KST, revealing the behind story of the tour.

: Flora6988 @ YT, @jtbclove

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Taeyang Instagram Update (130321)

youngbeezzyAlive tour @xxxibgdrgn @seungriseyo #unforgettable

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BIGBANG Alive Tour in Japan - Special Final in Dome

Check out the torrent for the whole vid, and the tutorial on how to use torrent magnet link.

: VietnamBIGBANG @ dailym

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Big Bang Reflect on Their World Tour in Exclusive Q&A with

"We really shine when we are on stage together. We are the most passionate when performing BIGBANG music. It was a new feeling for us to perform in so many different countries," the K-pop princes say

So, really, how big are K-pop sensations BIGBANG? The indomitable boy band has been covered extensively in the media for international chart success (their Korean “Alive” EP charted on the Billboard 200), YouTube clicks (over half a billion official views) and scandals (usually a career killer in Korea). But, perhaps, the stats from their first world tour speaks loudest.

BIGBANG has seemingly locked down their title as one of K-pop’s reigning megastars with one of the highest-grossing tours in K-pop history. The five members—G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung — embarked their very first, world tour, “BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour,” on March 2, 2012.

The outing hit markets in 24 cities of 12 countries for a total of 48 shows (19 shows in Japan, six in South Korea, four in the U.S., three each in China and Hong Kong, two each in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and the U.K. and one each in The Philippines, Malaysia and Peru). In 10 months time, the group traveled 89,000 miles through the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

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YG Friends: A Look Back at 2012 with Big Bang

(This is a translation of a post from

Hello, this is YG Online Friends^^
Though the time seemed to be slowly passing, a year has already gone by and it already seems like a promising 2013! I’m sure you can’t hide the anticipation of what kinds of songs and performances you’re waiting for in 2013. I know I’m excited for the Big Bang activities in 2013! 2012 was a year that we had time to organize many Big Bang activities! We couldn’t participate in every opportunity so we had to choose the ones that would leave the most memorable impression.

In order to see what kind of image Big Bang showed us in 2012, let’s take a look at the memories we had with Big Bang^^.

Healing Camp—-Aren’t they happy


February 20th: Healing Camp Episode airs! This was the first hint at Big Bang’s activities! In the midst of big and small matters, this was the first time that they were able to talk about them. After G-Dragon and Daesung’s talks, the rest of the Big Bang members gathered to share a meal and show their affection towards each other and left a lasting memory for fans. Perhaps that’s the purpose of the show.^^

5th mini album ALIVE release


February 29th: The long awaited 5th mini album ALIVE finally released. Each song had an all kill as soon as it hit the charts! A star featurette on the Naver music apps, early preview, Big Bang thoughts on their comeback as daily teasers to the comeback date are the happy memories from this~^^



March 2-4: 2012 Bigshow was the first Live performance of the songs from the 5th mini album! From those three days in Seoul the ALIVE TOUR was born and January 15- 27, the FINAL concerts will return us to Seoul again~^^

Sunday is good—Running Man


March 4, 11: A two-part episode of Running Man!
From the awesome arrival via helicopter to the end with “the strength of five rings joined we shall dominate space!’ cry. It was embarrassing but in order to give us laughter that now famous phrase was created on Running Man. :D

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[TRANS] Naver “Star Column - BIGBANG”: Part 5, From Staffs’ Points of Views


This is a staff who has worked for BIGBANG World Tour. ^^ Among lots of staffs who have worked with BIGBANG, I interviewed the ones who were watching most closely about how they feel having been with BIGBANG world tour and what their memorable stages are.


Again, I give a big hand to many staffs who have worked so hard beside BIGBANG or somewhere that can’t be seen. Firstly, doing this interview I personally felt that “BIGBANG is given much love by the staffs.”
BIGBANG is also the group which treats staffs well. I think BIGBANG is the only group which practices how to be funny with body and prepares interesting stories to make the tired staffs laugh, though they’re already busy preparing their own stages. ^^

Dance team Hi-Tech & CRAZY

I still see BIGBANG as children when they’re not on the stage. I’m not saying that they’re immature but they’re children who have pure passion. They’re awesome on stage because their innocence is not defiled. As one of the people who haven’t missed a single stage of this world tour, BIGBANG they’re just… I can’t describe in words, they’re the most. Awesome. Group. on stage!!

1. How do you feel having been the World Tour with BIGBANG
2. Any memorable country or stage
3. To BIGBANG who finished their World Tour!!



1. First of all I’d like to say in one word, “Touchedly proud”. Through the nine years which started when they were trainees, I don’t know all their feelings but I think I’ve been a big part with them. They grew up though the times that were hard, sad, tiring, lonely, hurting, painful, and agonized. Also they’ve been tried, and tried, and tried to make them accepted continuously. I feel finally they’ve filled their stages with passion, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, satisfaction, hope, thank, and love through their music on world tour. BIGBANG making the world touched made me feel lots of things and it was an honor. GD, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, Seungri, thank you for finishing it with no one fall sick~^^


2. Definitely, Peru. The first impression about Peru was so so~^^ Starting at the airport, staffs’ luggage was broken, untied, and missing. However, we could feel the passion of South America as soon as we arrived at the hotel. Usually there are lots of fans waiting in front of the hotel, but in Lima, Peru there were A LO~~~~~~T of fans waiting. They were even waiting for the members with them in mind while singing BIGBANG’s songs one after another. At the outdoor stage, given BIGBANG’s passion, they were feeling BIGBANG’s music together holding placards, shouting and dancing with the special sense of rhythm of South America. It was very touching. Thank you~~ PERU^^

3. I’d like to say this to BANGs (BANG with “s” = plural) who knows very well that this is a just a start. Don’t get sick~^^ I know you’ve been taking care of yourselves well, but I’m asking once again. Aja Aja~ Hwaiting!^^


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[SUBBED] 2012 BIGBANG Alive Tour in Seoul DVD Making

source: Seungri Seyoo @ YT

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