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Another FanTaken Photo of TOP Shooting for The North Face in Canada

source : @Real_Banff

Previous pictures are here

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Big Bang on The North Face Web Ads

source :
via : xtlover15@soompi 

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FanTaken Photos of TOP shooting for The North Face in Canada

source : @Real_Banff

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@Real_Banff: “Shirley the Banff dog blogger, in a North Face photo shoot with Korean pop star T.O.P. at Two Jack lake today!” || “T.O.P. was very cool-took a pic w me n my niece. Don’t know how long he’s here.”

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TOP in Nuptse Jacket for “The North Face”

source : The North Face FB

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The North Face shares a photo of TOP in Nuptse Jacket on twitter

source : @thenorthfacekr

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[INFO] Advertisers’ decision to G-Dragon
  • Bean Pole
  • The North Face
  • G-Market
  • Sunny 10
  • CJ Advertisement Company
  • Nikon
  • LG Smart Phone
  • etc.

In today’s article came out advertisers’ final decision.

1. Bean Pole

From time to time, the concept has been depending on the model. In next season’s advertising will be using the same model. Since (taking) G-Dragon, the sales has increased 30%. K-Pop, which is triggered by Hallyu Wave, is the principle of considering several things.

2. Sunny 10

We don’t know what are the reasons to terminate the contract. (He) will continue the activities as the model for the contract completion. Until next June, Big Bang has been decided as the model as in the contract.

3. The North Face

The contract is with Big Bang, not solely with G-Dragon, so it’s not a problem. (We) will not ‘throw’ G-Dragon, we are in the middle of editing. In fact, after we use Big Bang to advertise, the stores across the country are out of stock.

4. G-Market

"Looking at one trend" but G-Dragon is the main of G-Market. If you buy stuffs here, (we) will give stamps telling that G-Dragon is still here.

(not sure about G-Market’s comment translation. Sorry ><)

source : beztiz
via : 갓더드래곤볼@DCGD 

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TOP at Incheon Airport! (111009)

source : utopia_871104

According to the source, he’s going to Toronto for The North Face photo shoot.
Not sure if he’s alone or not. Maybe there are others but the pic just hasn’t come up ^^
Let’s wait~ 

credit : topofbbindo

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