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BIGBANG Free Fan-Meeting in Indonesia (130419)

KakaoTalk CF playing

BIGBANG on stage and greet VIPs.

  • Taeyang said, “Apa kabar? (How are you?)”
  • Seungri said, “Indonesia, aku cinta padamu! (Indonesia, I love you!)” Before Seungri greeted VIPs, everyone screamed so he asked them to scream even louder.
  • Taeyang said he likes Indonesian food and girls
  • Big Bang said, “Free Talk, KakaoTalk!”
  • TaeyangIndonesian food is delicious and also the girls are beautiful. We use KakaoTalk everyday and everytime.
  • Daesung: “We wanted to be the KakaoTalk model because it’s the first app in South Korea.”
  • TOP: “Because KakaoTalk is a free application”
  • Taeyang: “When we were promoting ‘Alive’, we often use group talk (feature) to communicate”
  • TOP: Hi, Jakarta. This is TOP. What are you doing now? Free Talk, KakaoTalk.

"Fantastic Baby" MV
"Blue" MV
Big Bang sang “Blue” and TOP did beatboxing

  • Seungri asked fans to chant “Big Bang” and “KakaoTalk”
  • Taeyang shouted, “Make some noise, Jakarta!”

Short Talk session

  • MC asked what’s their favorite color and Daesung answered, “Free Talk, KakaoTalk.” | Taeyang answered that he likes black and white | Seungri said he likes red so much because when he’s looking at fans, he feels shy and his face will turn red. | TOP: “Yellow… Oh! Free Talk, KakaoTalk!”

Big Bang performed “Bad Boy”. TOP sang GD’s part in “Bad Boy” and the whole reff

  • MC: Who’s the bad boy among Big Bang members? | Seungri pointed at himself and then they all said they’re bad boys.

GAMES TIME (Dance to Fantastic Baby)

  • Seungri asked one of the fans name before he hugged her
  • One fan cried because GD didn’t come and then Seungri came to her and said, “I like GD” and teased her dance
  • One fan almost kissed TOP and then Seungri stood up and showed his lips to VIPs
  • A fan hug and dance with TOP

Big Bang performed “Fantastic Baby”

  • They change “boom shakalaka” to “Big Bang KakaoTalk”

Indonesian VIPs sang birthday songs to Daesung and he said, “Thank you for remembering my birthday.”

Before leaving, Big Bang said:

  • Taeyang: “Jakarta, we love you so much!”
  • Seungri: “Indonesia VIP fans, see you again!”
  • Daesung: “Thank you so much! We’ll be back again.”
  • TOP: “I love you! Thank you.”

: @chrome_hurts, @2seunghyun, @pookiegoz, @steofanny, @GTOPONE, 

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[PHOTO] TOP at “Alumni” Fan Meeting Backstage (130128)


TOP with Kim Hyongi, MC of “Alumni” fan-meeting which was held on January 28th.

Source: Hyunki@ameblo via BBU

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[FAN-ACCOUNT] TOP at “Alumni” Fan Meeting (130128)


▶ The fan meeting costs 150000 yen
▶ TOP said he wants to go to Italy for 3 months
▶ TOP’s favorite sushi are Uni (sea urchin), Ikura (salmon roe), Anago (a type of eel)
▶ TOP hates Kakao Talk, LINE, and Twitter
▶ During group pic, he did a superman pose! He also made a heart in front of his chest + flower boy once
▶ Director handed him a gun & TOP did Seungri’s strong baby opening pose at BB concerts
▶ He was super shy & couldn’t look directly at fans, but 1 of the scenes required him to look forward so he did for 5 seconds but he bursted out laughing & hid his face behind the gun >< TOP also made a heart for the fans
▶ TOP and the movie director may go to Japan when the movie is released in Japan later
▶ Lucky fans could get the outfit that TOP wore in the movie!
▶ Gifts for fans at TOP’s Fan Meeting: Wallet, Nike Shoes, Jacket, T-Shirt, Training Suit, Jeans
▶ One of the prizes is the pair of sneakers that he wore in the film. He kept murmuring in Japanese, “It is Nike! Not adidas kkk”. “It is Nike.” Then MC asked, “You like Nike?” and he kept saying ,”When talking about sneakers, then Nike is first class.”

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[PHOTO] TOP at “Alumni” Fan Meeting After Party (130128)


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[PHOTO] TOP at “Alumni” Fan Meeting (130128)

Source: @marina518_bb

*Instead of fantaken photos, I think these pictures are taken from a photo book. Most probably there were books given at the fan-meeting. Just my guessing tho ^^

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TOP at “Alumni” Mini Fan-Meeting (120922)


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TOP at “Alumni” Mini Fan-Meeting (120922)

source: uT.O.Pia

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TOP at “Alumni” Mini Fan-Meeting (120922)


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