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[NEWS] Big Bang Pairs Up With Lady Gaga’s Creative Editor Laurieann Gibson
Big Bang Laurieann Gibson

BREAKING: K-Pop is officially taking over the world. One of our fave fashion-y Korean boy bands Big Bang (you know, those awesome dudes who wore Minx nails) announced that they’re collaborating with creative director/choreographer Laurieann Gibson for their upcoming tour. Laurieann is known for her fresh approach to performance art, and you’re probably already very familiar with her work, like Lady Gaga's choreography in “Telephone,” “Alejandro,” and “Born This Way,” just to name a few.

Her work was also highlighted in the “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden,” which earned Mother Monster five Grammy nominations, but the two confirmed their split in late 2011 due to creative differences. Laurieann had TONS of nice things to say about G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri like, “I’m touched at how hard they work despite their young age. They are talented and special.” Awww. She continued, “G-Dragon and T.O.P are especially outstanding. Seungri is strong for his young age. Daesung is like a rocker: passionate and hardworking. Lastly, Taeyang reminds me of Michael Jackson.” But, um, can we discuss what’s going on in this photo above? There is SO much fash-happenings here we can barely handle it.

Big Bang’s stylist Gee Eun created their customized coats and sneakers. The varsity jackets were made from Hermès graffiti scarves and leather, and the shoes are metallic snakeskin high-top boots with studs on the toe. Like, there’s glitter, ombre, and an iridescent glow all wrapped up in one shoe. Uhhh, hai, we’re gonna need a pair of those A.S.A.P. All the boys opted for different pants ranging from leopard print cuffed trousers to bleached skinny jeans to shiny leather bottoms. Laurieann looked equally badass in a brown wide-brimmed hat, gold-button blazer, patchwork leggings and stiletto ankle booties. To catch these cuties IRL, look out for their North American tour dates—they are stopping through 16 countries and 25 cities, which means TONS of amazing performance outfits to look forward to. Yussss. *high five*

source: MTV Style

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le me in happy tears of proud

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[NEWS] Big Bang Praised by Famous Creative Director Laurieann Gibson
BIGBANG Praised by Famous Creative Director Laurieann Gibson

Main director for “2012 BIGBANG Alive Tour” concert, Laurieann Gibson, praised BIGBANG.

At a press conference that was held on Friday she started, “I’ve worked with a lot of artists before, but when I first saw BIGBANG, I knew there was something special about them.”

She continued, “I’m so touched that BIGBANG members are really young but still so passionate and hard-working. In case of G-Dragon and TOP, they are very natural and talented. Seungri is even younger but very strong. Daesung is so passionate that the phrase ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll star’ suits him well. And finally, Taeyangreminded me of Michael Jackson.”

Laurieann also talked about the concept of the concert: “’Alive’ is a concept that I got the inspiration from the BIGBANG members. I imagined the members go to MTV Award and receive awards as well. I’m thinking about focusing on carrying BIGBANG’s music out to the world. The vintage factor and futuristic factor that BIGBANG has will definitely help the group attract the whole world.”

Laurieann Gibson revealed, “I’ve worked before with Japan’s SMAP. In the end, I don’t feel any huge differences between BIGBANG and world stars. It’s sometimes difficult in terms of communications because of the language, but this is about music and dance, so there isn’t much of a problem.”

Furthermore, she added, “I’ve met other Korean artists through BIGBANG. Of course, I have plans to work with Korean or other Asian artists in the future. I’m happy to spread Live Nation in Korea through this concert.”

Laurieann Gibson previously created Lady GaGa’s numerous hit songs’ dance moves and lead “The Monster Ball Tour.” The stages and choreographies he directed are known to be always new and powerful.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is having a “2012 BIG SHOW-BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR” in a gymnastics stadium starting on March 2 for three days with the global performance agency, Live Nation.

source: Soompi

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[NEWS] Laurieann Gibson, “Big Bang Has No Wall in Music to World Super Stars”

"Big Bang has no wall in music to world super stars," Producer Laurieann Gibson said.

Laurieann Gibson, the main director for Big Bang’s world tour, said that the group has no difference compared to world super stars.

At the press conference ahead of the first world tour ‘2012 Big Show Alive,’ Gibson spoke about working with Big Bang. The press conference was held on March 2, at 5pm in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium where Big Bang will open their world tour. 

"Although there were difficulties in language, but there was no wall in terms of music," Gibson said. "I’ve worked with many super stars, but I felt no difference. Big Bang has its unique and special charm." 

"I am touched by how hard they work at young age. They are the best of the best. Because they are so special, I didn’t need to change anything," she added.

"Personally, G-Dragon and Top are outstanding on stage. Seung Ri is young but has a strong attraction. Dae Sung is passionate. Tae Yang reminded me of Michael Jackson. I was touched by they didn’t get upset even once when they were made to work hard."

TOP said about Gibson, “I saw that she practiced so much even before meeting us up to a point where she was able to play our music without the sheet music. I learned about the professionalism we need to show when we go overseas.” 

Seung Ri said, “I worked harder not wanting to lose to the passion shown by Laurieann. With the experience of working with world musicians, she taught us a lot. Through that, I think we could perform with a step upgraded.”

The concert, prepared in collaboration with the world concert directing company Live Nation, will be held at the Gymnastic Stadium from March 2 to 4, together with 39 thousand people. 

Laurieann Gibson has most recently directed Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monter Ball Tour’ and has been working with Big Bang members to draw the picture of the world tour. 

More crews in the team are: the stage/light designer, Leroy Bennett, who worked with Madonna, concert sound director, Ken Van Druten, who was in charge of Eminem’s concert, and visual contents producer team, Possible Production, that produced amazing visual for Kanye West. 

The tour will last until the end of this year and include 16 countries, 25 cities in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. 

source: kpopstarz

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[NEWS] Big Bang Officially Kicks Off Their “2012 BIG SHOW/BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR”

Idol group Big Bang officially kicked off promotions for their fifth mini-album, ‘ALIVE‘.

The boys held a press conference ahead of their first ‘2012 BIG SHOW / BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR‘ performance that took place on March 2nd.

When asked how this performance would differ from the rest, leader G-Dragon answered, “Our new performances will be more musical-like, with a solid story behind it. It will be a show you can easily enjoy.”

In regards to performing their new songs in front of their fans for the first time, Daesung said, “We will be performing our new songs, but that won’t be all. We carefully hand-picked the songs to perform so that neither the new or older songs would outshine the other. We wanted to make sure the fans would be able to understand the full chronological story through the songs.”

Taeyang added, “Our older songs have been newly arranged, as we will be performing with another band from overseas.”

Big Bang concluded their first performance on March 2nd, and will continue to perform at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium until the 4th. The Korean leg of the tour is expected to bring in more than 30,000 fans. Once these shows are over, the group will tour 16 countries, 25 cities, in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Source & Image : SBS via Nate
via: allkpop

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[TWITTER] Celebrity Choreographer, Laurieanne Gibson, (Possibly) is Working with Big Bang, And Her Thoughts?

From all these tweets, she possibly is working with Big Bang, thought YG hasn’t confirmed anything yet (like I said before). Based on these tweets, she isn’t in Korea now, but she will go back to continue working with them. And, of course, she loves Big Bang! :D

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Famous Celebrity Choreographer/Director Laurieann Gibson tweets about BIGBANG?

Source: Laurieann Gibson’s Official Twitter

*NOTE: Laurieann Gibson is a famous creative director & choreographer known for working with Lady Gaga,Diddy & Keri Hilson. She was recognized for her appearance at Diddy’s “Making The Band”

I’m not trying to be bad, but the “world tour” thing, don’t hope too much since it’s not stated officially by YG :) Maybe she means she will tour around the world? Idk. Anyway, keep calm and wait for YG ^^

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