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A Glimpse of TOP on SBS “Good Morning” (130812)

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[NEWS] Big Bang and 2NE1 Often Visit 1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung’s Curry Place

Although the group hasn’t been active since 2005, 1TYM’s Song Baekkyung revealed that he still keeps in touch with the people at YG Entertainment.

On March 27’s broadcast of SBS’ One Night of Entertainment, Song Baek Kyung was featured in a segment trying to find out what first generation idol group members were up to these days. The program staff visited Song Baek Kyung, who currently owns three curry houses with fellow member Oh Jin Hwan. 

During the interview, he mentioned that Big Bang comes to eat at his restaurant often. “2NE1 really likes curry, so although it’s usually not allowed, I let them do take-out,” explained Song Baek Kyung. On whether or not he receives money from them, he replied, “Well, 2NE1 isn’t the one paying and it’s from YG Entertainment, so I definitely take the money.”

Not only that, Song Baek Kyung was recently revealed to have participated in Lee Hi’s new album for the song Rose. He explained that he randomly visited Teddy’s studio, and somehow randomly ended up producing a song. He hoped to one day return to the music scene.

Lee Hi’s Rose is scheduled to be released on March 28. 

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SBS Streaming Link

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G-Dragon’s “One of A Kind” MV on SBS “Pop Asia”

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[NEWS] G-Dragon’s Doppelganger Auditioning for Super Star K4

Yoo Seung Woo came out of nowhere and is drawing attention as G-Dragon’s doppelganger on “Super Star K4.” His segment was shown on “Super Star K4”, a show hosted by the cable Mnet, on the 17thLee Seung Chul, one of the judges, has commented that Yoo Seung Woo is a strong candidate to make it to TOP 10 and his statement is creating much buzz. Yoo Seung Woo looks similar to Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon when he was little and it’s stirring even more attention on the internet. He appeared on the 1st episode of “Super Star K4” with shaggy hair, cute eye smiles and round face similar to G-Dragon.

On this day, Yoo Seung Woo appeared with the indie band “Fire Moth Star Sausage Club.” He arranged the song “Suk Bong Ah” and sung while playing the guitar showing that he has musical skills similar to G-Dragon and not just the face.

When Yoo Seung Woo appeared on screen, netizens wrote “His shaggy hair and cute eye smiles is like looking at G-Dragon when he’s young,” “Cutie Yoo Seung Woo, please stay like you are,” “I hope he can survive until the live stage portion” creating a hot sensation.

In order to fulfill his dreams, Yoo Seung Woo moved from Choongnam, Cheonahn to Seoul during his freshman year in high school. His small frame and cute appearance is different from his musical skills, which has received unanimous votes from the judges.

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[SUBBED] SBS Good Morning: Big Bang’s Predebut Days (120410)

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This will air on May 4th at 11.30 PM KST.

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Big Bang’s Past on SBS “Good Morning” 

Read the article here.

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