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G-Dragon Instagram Update (130315)

xxxibgdrgn: NEW NEW NEW

xxxibgdrgn: GD&TOP old pic

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[FAN-ACCOUNT] Big Bang at SE7EN 10th Anniversary “Thank You” Talk Concert (130309)

From @_S00M_ via @ShrimpLJY

  • Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, and Lee Hi attend SE7EN’s talk concert
  • SE7EN didn’t know about the surprise. When fans sang “Come Back to Me”, Big Bang came out from behind, singing it loudly, with a cake
  • G-Dragon sang SE7EN’s “Come Back to Me” for him, when he came up to the stage with Big Bang
  • TOP hugs SE7EN, sadly saying, “Come back well later,” right after coming up to the stage
  • SE7EN cried hard when YG family came up to the stage, bringing a cake and singing a song
  • G-Dragon: I’ve seen SE7EN hyung since I was a trainee. Thanks for being a great senior in our company
  • G-Dragon: I believe you (SE7EN) can do the duty of Korean guy well. I’m honored to attend today’s concert, here
  • Taeyang: Today is the 10th anniversary concert party? I thought it’s enlistment party
  • Taeyang: Thank you for supporting SE7EN for 10 years. I will collect female idols’ phone numbers to make Hyung have a comfortable army life
  • Seungri: I don’t say, “Go and come back well” but “I will let you know many girl idol groups”
  • Big Bang coughed because of the hardness to throw SE7EN to the sky for seven times
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[FanTaken] TOP at SE7EN 10th Anniversary “Thank You” Talk Concert (130309)

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Jo Sung Min Instagram Update with Big Bang (130309)

zoelkan: Is this H i p o p ?? ^^

zoelkan: Gasik dragon is GD ^^

zoelkan: Handsome guys

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[TRANS] YGEX Staff Blog: TOP’s Message to Daesung (130305)


D’SCOVER was released on the 27th. Thanks to everyone’s love and support it ranked 2nd on Album Weekly. Thank you. Please keep on supporting D-LITE’s promotions, and look forward to it.

And D-LITE who is working hard in Japan, received a supportive message from TOP.

TOP’s Message:
My beloved Daesungie! Congratulations!! Hope D’SCOVER will be Daebak! (great success)

Photo via
Translated by @BIGBANGGisVIP

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[HQ] TOP at Samsung Blue Day Festival in Nanjing, China (130302)

Source: TOPSNTOPS-CHINA (topsntops-china@weibo)

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[HQ] TOP at Samsung Blue Day Festival in Nanjing, China (130302)

Source: TOPSNTOPS-CHINA (topsntops-china@weibo)

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