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G-Dragon Twitter/Instagram Update (130314)

@IBGDRGN: A selca during recording of “Hwasin” (SBS “Incarnation”)

@IBGDRGN: With D , Today

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G-Dragon Twitter/Instagram Update (130313)

@IBGDRGN: When I’m asleep..

@IBGDRGN: >_< I’m quite busy for something this week

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G-Dragon Twitter Update (130312)

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Taeyang Twitter Update (130312)


들국화 (Deul Guk Hwa, The Wild Chrysanthemums) is a legendary Korean Rock band in 1980’s. Their music opened a new era in Korean pop music history and has influenced numerous musicians.

And, here is the English translation of the song.

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Taeyang Working Hard on Recording with Producer Jeon Seung Woo (130311)

@Realtaeyang: Yeol-nok Yeol-nok!!

@Leo_Chon: Today too Yeol-nok!! @ YG ENT.

"Yeol-nok" stands for "Yeol-sim-hi Nok-eum" which means "working hard on recording"

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G-Dragon Twitter Update (130310)

@IBGDRGN: YTD, with SE7EN sama.

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SE7EN x Taeyang x G-Dragon Twitter Convo (130309)


on pic - "Sayonara, goodbye -BIGBANG"

@officialse7en: Doesn’t Big Bang write it too rough? ㅡㅡ;
@Realtaeyang: It’s from our sincere heart~ Take it
@officialse7en: I take it but.. Youngbae is not sincere, yet you have young sincereness, you are truly a kid. What am I even saying? ㅡㅡ; Saranghae♥ (*)
@IBGDRGN: But it has an impact!!
@officialse7en: So, you guys are sending Hyung with an impact ^^ Thank you guys..
@IBGDRGN: It’s not like that ㅠㅠ Anyway, fighting for today!!

"Sincere" is "진심어린" (jin-sim-eo-rin) and SE7EN plays with the word become "어린진심" (eo-rin-jin-sim). Jin-sim means sincere while eo-rin could means kid/child. He’s basically saying Taeyang is really like a kid.


on pic - ”Senior! Happy 10th anniversary! - Gentle YG maknae, HaYi”

@officialse7en: Oh, even maknae (sends me this)!! Gomawo^^ Thank you thank you~ Thank you so much everybody!! Only a little thank you to Big Bang.

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Taeyang Twitter Update! (130308)

@Realtaeyang: (link) Check this out ! Rockstar is coming!!

@hongjanghyun: My legs follow them. One. Buy. Saw it.
@Realtaeyang: Hyung where did you get that?
@hongjanghyun: I found it in Japan! And it was shipped in one week!

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