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YG Friends: A Look Back at 2012 with Big Bang

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Hello, this is YG Online Friends^^
Though the time seemed to be slowly passing, a year has already gone by and it already seems like a promising 2013! I’m sure you can’t hide the anticipation of what kinds of songs and performances you’re waiting for in 2013. I know I’m excited for the Big Bang activities in 2013! 2012 was a year that we had time to organize many Big Bang activities! We couldn’t participate in every opportunity so we had to choose the ones that would leave the most memorable impression.

In order to see what kind of image Big Bang showed us in 2012, let’s take a look at the memories we had with Big Bang^^.

Healing Camp—-Aren’t they happy


February 20th: Healing Camp Episode airs! This was the first hint at Big Bang’s activities! In the midst of big and small matters, this was the first time that they were able to talk about them. After G-Dragon and Daesung’s talks, the rest of the Big Bang members gathered to share a meal and show their affection towards each other and left a lasting memory for fans. Perhaps that’s the purpose of the show.^^

5th mini album ALIVE release


February 29th: The long awaited 5th mini album ALIVE finally released. Each song had an all kill as soon as it hit the charts! A star featurette on the Naver music apps, early preview, Big Bang thoughts on their comeback as daily teasers to the comeback date are the happy memories from this~^^



March 2-4: 2012 Bigshow was the first Live performance of the songs from the 5th mini album! From those three days in Seoul the ALIVE TOUR was born and January 15- 27, the FINAL concerts will return us to Seoul again~^^

Sunday is good—Running Man


March 4, 11: A two-part episode of Running Man!
From the awesome arrival via helicopter to the end with “the strength of five rings joined we shall dominate space!’ cry. It was embarrassing but in order to give us laughter that now famous phrase was created on Running Man. :D

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Big Bang Mentioned on “Danny from L.A: 2012 MAMA Special”

@ 1:41 - Adam Lambert mentioned Big Bang
@ 3:38 - Top & Daesung greeting Danny (very briefly)
@ 5:47 - Tablo said he likes T.O.P.

Source: MnetAmerica @ YT
Via: BBU 

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[DOWNLOAD] Photos of BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Singapore (120928-29)

970+ Photos: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Join the parts with hjsplit

I won’t be updating or uploading photos from #AliveTourSG anymore. I put up the sources in the ZIP file so you can check them by yourselves whether they upload more photos or not ^^

Enjoy this compilations to the max as this will most probably be the last time from me :)


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[INFO] G-Dragon, TOP, and Taeyang are at Incheon Airport heading to Thailand. Daesung and Seungri flew together from Japan to Thailand.
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BIGBANG YouTube: BIGBANG - Encore in Singapore @ Alive GALAXY Tour 2012

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[DOWNLOAD] BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Singapore by seoul-perfection

For those who asked me to compile the photos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(I only uploaded the 171 photos I have posted online, but as for the other photos I have, I’ll look through them and decided afterwards.) 

Once again, please do not edit or remove watermark. Please credit if you are sharing, thank you so much.


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BIGBANG at Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Singapore - Day 1 (120928)


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Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Singapore on “My Paper”

source: @ooToPsHoWoo

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