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[NEWS] Star-struck Ann Kok Proclaims Her Love for Big Bang

Ann Kok

What do you get when you put local celebrities in the same room as Korean idol group Big Bang? A roomful of star-struck stars!

That was exactly what happened at the press conference of BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012, held at Stellar, 1-Altitude two nights ago.

Decked in a black one-piece with her hair tied up in a ponytail, MediaCorp actress Ann Kok was evidently elated but nervous when host Stephanie Carrington selected her to ask the five-man band a question.

“It’s a miracle to be able to meet Big Bang, so I’m going to let it all out,” the 39-year-old blurted, before introducing herself in simple Korean and adding, “I love your music. I love the way you sing, dance, rap, and the way you dress is so fantastic.”

Ann also shared with everyone that she recently fell in love with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon’s new song ‘Missing You’ on his latest EP One of a Kind and dreamt that she was “one of the girls in the music video”.

She boldly asked, “Do you think there’s any possibility that I could be featured in your music video?”

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[NEWS] Big Bang Sells Out Three Shows in Hong Kong

Korean boy band Big Bang will play to 35,000 fans at three sold-out concerts in December - the biggest audience for an international group since the Hong Kong Stadium stopped holding concerts in 1994.

Tickets for the first two shows by the five K-pop superstars at AsiaWorld-Expo arena were sold out in an hour when public sales opened last week.

An additional show was added and all the tickets were snapped up within three hours yesterday morning. But their sales were eclipsed by solo act Lady Gaga, who played to four sold-out houses at the same venue in May during her Born This Way Ball tour.

Big Bang fans queued up overnight outside Tom Lee music stores, which sold tickets at HK$480 to HK$1,680 - higher than Gaga’s priciest tickets of HK$1,580.

"You can see the rise of K-pop. Youngsters love it," music critic Wong Chi-chung said. "Live concerts have become the way out for singers after the digitalisation of music … it’s a good thing. Live music influences people and facilitates cultural exchange."

The band will perform in Hong Kong from December 8 to 10. Between May and June, its 13 concerts in Japan were attended by 150,000 people.

Wong said it was rare for foreign artists to mobilize so many fans in Hong Kong since the 40,000-seat Hong Kong Stadium banned concerts in 1994 after noise complaints.

Via: BBU

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[NEWS] BIGBANG Adds Up Two More Shows in US!

Congratulations, US VIPs! Grab your chance! ^0^)/

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[NEWS] G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung Update Fans on Seungri

The members of Big Bang have updated fans on Seungri following his recent string of scandals, and spoke carefully, yet honestly about their feelings on the situation.

On September 25th, G-Dragon held his ‘GD Friends Live‘ through portal site Naver, and was also joined by fellow members Taeyang and Daesung for a talk session.

The three of them began by updating fans on T.O.P., who recently injured his hand on the set of his upcoming film, ‘Alumnus‘. Turning to the topic of Seungri, G-Dragon began, “Seungri is doing well. He’s filming in Japan right now. He’s fine.”

Despite the message, the three of them looked a bit uncomfortable talking about him. Taeyang spoke carefully, “I’ll just be frank about this. We reprimanded him a lot. He’s reflecting on his actions now. Don’t people make mistakes? I think for us, as his brothers, we need to forgive those mistakes. These are problems that we must carry with us. Once again, we reprimanded Seungri and will make sure that it won’t happen again.”

G-Dragon knelt down on his knees and held his hands up following Taeyang’s speech while Daesung added, “Shall we finish this off by saying ‘Seungri-ya, we miss you. We love you’?”

Taeyang honestly replied back, “I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.”

G-Dragon also stated, “I nor any of us, are in any position to be reprimanding anyone, but I will work hard if it means that we can show a better image to everyone. I think it’s all up to us as to how well we do. He’s currently self-reflecting, I know because I’ve been through it before. These times aren’t just wasted times, but times that truly help your life. Thinking about it in a different light, you can see it as a good experience as well. If you all view him in a good light, I’m sure that Seungri will be able to show you a better image as an even better man and adult.”

Concluding, G-Dragon stated towards Seungri, “Seungri, I don’t love you yet as well but I will love you and I miss you. Fighting.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver
Translated by Allkpop


On September 25, Big Bang member and solo artist G-Dragon performed live on “GD Friends Live Worldwide” which was a special concert for fans around the world that was live streamed on Naver Music.  During the special concert, G-Dragon also had a talk segment in which he answered questions from the fans.  Fellow Big Bang members Taeyang and Daesung also participated. 

G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung talked about T.O.P.’s hand injury and Seungri’s media scandals with Japanese model Anna Kubo and partially nude pictures in a Japanese magazine. 

G-Dragon said: “Seungri is doing well.  Right now, he is filming in Japan.  He’s doing well.” 

Taeyang said: “I am going to speak frankly.  Seungri got scolded a lot by us.  He is self-reflecting.  That makes sense, does it not?  This is the kind of mistake a person can make, and actually, being like brothers, we can forgive or understand such a mistake.  We also think this is the kind problem we can carry together.  We scolded Seungri and we will try not to have such a thing happen in the future.” 

Daesung said: “Seungri, we miss you.  Should we end this by saying, “We love you”?”

Taeyang said: “Actually, right now, I cannot say the words I love you.  He still needs to time to reflect.”

G-Dragon said: “Even though it’s not really anyone’s place to scold, even as we act like this, we will make more effort to show our fans a better appearance.  In the future, I think it is my part to think about how I can do better.” 

Source: Soompi

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Press Photo BIGBANG at Incheon Airport Heading to Singapore (120927)

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[TWITTER] Taeyang Twitter Update! (120927)

@Realtaeyang: The 4 eagle brothers
@WAWASOUL: You guys are not getting along well with TOP???
@Realtaeyang: TOP’s arm is hurt.. 


There is no absolute permanent residence and ownership in the life in this earth. There is also no place to live forever, and there’s none of your belongings you could bring when you die. You just live for a moment and only write for a moment.

Translated by TaeyangINA

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[TWITTER] G-Dragon Twitter Update (120927)

Commons&sense came out.

In Singapore.

@IBGDRGN: We’re waiting for top lol
@MINAKWON: What’s the reason you guys sharing the same picture? Anyway, do well for the concert ㅋㅋ
@Realtaeyang: We don’t have any real reason! 

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[NEWS] Why is Yang Hyun Suk Visiting New York?

On the night of September 24th, Yang Hyun Suk quietly left for New York through the Incheon International Airport, and attention is now being drawn on what the trip could possibly be for.

YG Entertainment was met with widespread success in the American market thanks to Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” going viral, as well as Big Bang selling out all 24,000 seats of their first solo concert in just two hours. YG has been building up the foundation for their advancement since last year, having set up an American branch. The company finally feels ready to get the ball rolling starting this fall.

Many are speculating Yang Hyun Suk’s recent trip to be concerning Psy or Big Bang, but moreso for Psy since he recently contracted with Scooter Braun and Universal Republic Records. There’s a high possibility that he’s there to discuss on further matters of Psy’s American activities.

Yang Hyun Suk will also likely be directing matters on Big Bang’s concert considering the size of its scale. Although many Korean artists have held concerts in the States, it is rare to see concerts the size of Big Bang’s, especially without any American promotions.

Psy will be returning from the U.S. on the 25th, and is scheduled to open a press conference at a hotel to talk about his thoughts on his American activities. He wil lthen return to the States in mid October.

Source + Photos
: OSEN via Naver
Translated by Allkpop

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