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Big Bang at “a-nation Stadium Festival” and V.I Fan Meeting on “韓Fun” Japanese Magazine

source: @viholic_jp

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[SUBBED] Alive 2012 Making Collection

source: babypandavn

Check out more HERE.

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VIP Japan Fan Meeting on BS11 “Han-Love” (120703)

source: KI34RI

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Lexy Picks Big Bang As Favorite Singer on YStar “Star News” (120830)

Q. Your favorite Singer?
Lexy: I think they (Big Bang) is the best, but being a little “biased”, the fact is I think Big Bang is the best, very proud (of them), and like (them) the most.

: ystarchannel3 via @rainbow_lovis
translated by V @bigbangforlife 

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Big Bang (Only Seungri) Video Greetings for 2012 TGC Girls Collection in Shanghai


Hello Shanghai and TGC Girls Collection. Let’s meet in Shanghai on September 8. Don’t miss Big Bang’s awesome appearance!

source: TGC’s tudou
via: @esakwan 

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@IBGDRGN: #OldDays When my heart is blue blue..” -(120831)

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Additional Show for BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Hong Kong

Congratulations, HK VIPs! :D

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BIGBANG Meets 2012 Global Cover Contest Winners

source: BIGBANG’s FB & YouTube

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