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[SUBBED] MTV EMA BIG BANG Special (111119) [FULL]

Translated/Subbed: by Sara @ bigbangupdates | saraseoul

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HD Photo of BIGBANG at MTV EMA Red Carpet

source: Az + 유동 + [ㅎㅁ] @DCBB

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[SUBBED] BIGBANG Greetings at MTV EMA Backstage

source : MTV
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[FULL] MTV Studio C Episode 1: BIGBANG at MTV EMA in Belfast

Part : 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

source : GDaraYbom8884@YT
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MTV Studio C 1st Episode: BIGBANG at MTV EMA in Belfast

source : sasakresna@YT | ibigbang
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BIGBANG’s MTV EMA win featured on another Bulgarian Magazine

source : samosvetlee@soompi

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Big Bang’s MTV EMA Interview on Arabic TV Show “Scoop”

source : MemoChan20124@YT
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BIGBANG signed MTV EMA T-Shirt

source : as tagged
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