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Annyeonghaseyo! Hello, VIPs! Sorry for suddenly disappearing but I’m back :D


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Not sure if there will be the uncensored one so far. Hopefully there will be ^^ Gonna delete the download link soon. Legal download link should be out in a while :)
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Done with chasing up the updates! :D
Currently uploading photos from my short vacation ^^
Check the photos if you like photos of nature :) 

2 years ago
I’m back! ^o^/

Gonna start updating little by little ^^
I’m starting my new semester as well next week, so please be patient ^^



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I’m gonna be on holiday (again)! ^0^/

This time, it won’t be long (I guess). I’m not sure yet myself, hahaha.
August 22nd or 23rd will be the earliest day I’ll be back on updating.
Don’t miss me, VIPs ;)


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Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H to all Muslims VIPs. Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin :)

ketupat.jpg (190×252)

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Still lurking for photos from Beijing while I keep updating the list of the download link I found HERE. Better keep checking the post to download those links since they will be dead within a certain time :)

The good thing of lurking for photos this late is I won’t need to keep rechecking each account and each page for new upload since they have upload everything, and even giving download links. The bad thing is since it has been a while, sometimes I need to trackback so far for the photos :/

Anyhow, enjoy the download links for now! ^^ Imma upload the photos when I’m done collecting everything I’ve found :)


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Sorry for disappearing all of a sudden, VIPs! >_< I was on vacation and there’s no Wi-Fi. I informed about it on Twitter but I can’t connect to tumblr so yeah.. :(

Anyhow, miss me? ;) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ah, about the photos from Alive Tour in Beijing.
It has been a while since the concert and as you can see I didn’t update anything for the past week. So, I wanna know if you guys still want download links and ZIP files of the Beijing concert. I think most VIPs must have download somewhere else, or find it themselves. It has been more than a week anyway.
But, if you still want me to ZIP files and find download links, I’ll try to do it, tho it’ll take times for sure ^^;

So, YAY or NAY? ^^

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