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[NEWS] Big Bang Ranks #1 and #2 on YouTube “Most Viewed K-Pop Music Video on the First Half of 2012”

Idol group, Big Bang, has taken the first and second place as the most viewed K-Pop music video on the first half-year on YouTube.

On July 16th, the world video-sharing website, YouTube, has officially released “Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Music Video on the First Half of 2012.”

In this released announcement, which is divided into two categories, namely global and domestic, Big Bang’s songs “Fantastic Baby" and "Blue”, which is from their 5th mini album that was released in late February 2012, take place as the first and the second most viewed K-Pop music video.

On Sunday morning, “Fantastic Baby" music video has been viewed all over the world for over 30,000,000 times on Big Bang’s official YouTube channel only. "Blue" music video also surpassed 25,000,000 clicks.

Big Bang’s “Bad Boy" and their title song of the special edition album that was released in June, "Monster”, music videos are also placed on the fourth and sixth as the most viewed K-Pop music video.

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: StarNews via Nate
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What the Buck Reviews “Fantastic Baby” MV

It starts around 4:38

source: whatthebuckshow

Before he gave shout out to Big Bang [here]

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Teen Top Covers “Fantastic Baby”

source: ninji88

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[NEWS] The Vancouver Sun: “Big Bang’s Latest Video Is Fantastic, Baby!”

"Big Bang: Blowing up."

K-pop sensation Big Bang’s latest video is fantastic, baby

The boy band genre may be slowly fading in North America, but over in Asia, one act is blowing up all over the place.

If you haven’t yet heard of K-pop sensation Big Bang, an ultra-stylized five-piece boy band from South Korea, chances are you will hear about them a whole lot more in the near future.

Consisting of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Daesung and Seungri, Big Bang has been active since 2006 and has released various EPs that helped it break into the Japanese market.

The group’s latest “mini album” Alive was released in February, and single Fantastic Baby has garnered over eight million views on YouTube since it was released just 10 days ago.

It doesn’t hurt that Fantastic Baby is easily one of the most colourfully twisted pop videos we’ve seen in a while, combining RPG style art, riot gear, steampunk elements and street pop swagger.

Rumours abound concerning a worldwide tour, so keep your ears peeled.

Source: Vancouver Sun’s Awesome Sound Blog
Via: BBU

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[NEWS] “Fantastic Baby” on’s 5 Best Videos of The Week

1. BigBang – “Fantastic Baby” (Dir. Seo Hyun Seung)
We used to make things in this country. Among those things were nonsensical high-gloss music videos that made your brain explode in another way every five seconds or so. Not anymore. We’ve totally given up worldwide-leader status in that department to South Korea, where incredible stuff like this comes out all the time.

BigBang, almost certainly the greatest boy band on earth right now, came close to topping this list last week with their breezily ridiculous “Bad Boy” video. That was awesome, but this — a candy-colored dystopia of dancing dragons and gas-masked rioters and hairstyles that laugh in the face of God — this is another thing entirely. If you’re in an indie band, please watch this and think long and hard before releasing another Instagram-looking mediocrity into the world.

Check the rest of their list here.

Last week, it was BIGBANG’s Bad Boy that was included in their Best Videos list. Info on Stereogum here.

all via: BBU

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[NEWS] “Fantastic Baby” MV Earns Two Gold Medals on YouTube

Leading video website Youtube recently awarded Big Bang‘s Fantastic Baby MV with two gold medals in the categories of ‘Recently Most Popular‘ and ‘Trending‘.

YouTube awards gold, silver, and bronze medals based on three categories, ‘All Time Most Popular’, ‘Recently Most Popular’, and ‘Trending’, and Big Bang’s new MV which has received over 8 million views in a short period of time has earned two of the three gold medals.

The backdrop for the video is a desolate warehouse, and the Big Bang members made a complete transformation in appearance, giving off a fierce masculine image with their new hairstyles and defined abs.

Ahead of the release of their “Fantastic Baby” MV, Big Bang released their 5th mini album ‘ALIVE‘ on February 22nd and the MV to their song “Blue” received more than 1 million views in a single day. Since then, “Blue” has earned nearly 15 million views, earning gold medals under the ‘All Time Most Popular’ and ‘Trending’ categories.

YG Entertainment remarked, “With Big Bang’s MVs earning gold medals back to back, we can estimate their status in the international market. This is extremely encouraging and helps us predict the results of their upcoming World Tour.”

In related news, Big Bang also became the first Korean idol group to be featured on the main page of the Grammy‘s official website.

Congratulations, Big Bang!

Source & Image: Naeil via Nate
Via: Allkpop

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YG Life Update: BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby M/V won 2 gold medals on Youtube (120306)

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"Fantastic Baby" MV Gains 8M Views + 2 Golden Medals

source: @_BIGBANGisVIP

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