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[NEWS] Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun Says TOP Is Cool Even When He’s Eating

Who can help but be enamored of T.O.P’s manly, cool ways?  Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun proved to be another fan of the charismatic rapper, which she revealed on the May 20 edition of SBS's radio show 'Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, “What’s your style?  Who do you think is good-looking?" Soo Hyun replied with a bit of a fangirl moment, "Rather than saying there are good-looking people, we find people attractive when they’re generally acknowledged to be good-looking.  I’m a fan of Big Bang’s T.O.P.  I even got to eat with T.O.P.  He looks really cool when he’s eating.  He looks really cool even when he’s not saying anything.

On the other hand, Chan Hyuk answered the question with, “My mother is the prettiest,” making everyone laugh.

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[NEWS] Haru Asks If She Can Buy G-Dragon on Upcoming Episode of “Superman Is Back”

The adorable Haru displayed her ‘G-Dragon fever’ once again and went so far as to ask if she can buy him on the upcoming episode of ’Superman is Back’!

On the upcoming episode, Tablo brought Haru and his wife Kang Hye Jung to Osaka with him for the YG Family Concert to fulfill his dream of having Haru seeing him perform on stage. Kang Hye Jung asked Tablo, "Can we do some shopping with your card?", to which Tablo coolly obliged. Hearing this mention of the magical credit card, Haru asked, “Daddy, can we buy a dolphin with your card?”, making Tablo laugh. Then she asked, “Then can I buy Kwon Ji Yong [G-Dragon] too?”, and Tablo hilariously replied, “No, we can’t buy Ji Yong. Daddy’s card will exceed the maximum spending limit.”

Even after Haru arrived at the concert venue, she asked her dad, “Where is Ji Yong oppa? Is he sleeping? Why is he sleeping?”, showing her attachment to her favorite Big Bang member. 

Will Haru reunite with G-Dragon? Find out on ‘Superman is Back’ on the 25th at 4:20 PM KST!

Source + Image: Allkpop

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[NEWS] Seungri Mistaken to Be A Pervert on “Angel Eyes”

Big Bang's Seungri was mistaken as a pervert in a hilarious mannequin scene on the latest episode of ’Angel Eyes’!

On the fifth episode that aired on April 26, Teddy Seo (Seungri) proudly showed off his first paycheck as a rescue worker to his deceased grandmother and presented her with red long thermal underwear (long johns) which is given to one’s guardian when he or she gets their first paycheck as a Korean tradition. While testing out the quality of the underwear on a mannequin as if it was his grandmother, Ki Woon Chan (Gong Hyung Jin) caught him red-handed and misunderstood him to be a pervert.

Check out the touching yet hilarious clip below!

Source: Allkpop

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[NEWS] Seungri to Talk Live on ′The Hwashin Live′

Seungri will be talking in yet another live show.

The singer is set to appear on SBS′ The Hwashin Live, which will air on August 27.

The Hwashin Live is a special live version of Hwashin (Incarnation) put together as a summer special.

Seungri will be showing off the talk show skills and wit he picked up as an MC on Japanese variety shows, and open up on many private issues fans have never heard about before.

Producers said, “Seungri is well known as a witty idol. We thought him fitting as a guest for our live show. His teamwork with the four MCs (Shin Dong Yeop, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Gura, Bong Tae Gyu) will be perfect.”

Seungri has been promoting his new single Gotta Talk To You, released on August 19.

Source + Image: eNewsworld

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[NEWS] Seungri to Host ′SNL Korea′ with Yoo Hee Yeol Joining the Cast

Two talented people will be making their way over to tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea and anticipation is already on the rise.

On August 23, SNLK announced that singer songwriter Yoo Hee Yeol will be permanently joining the cast of the adult comedy show. He will be in charge of the skit ‘Weekend Update’ starting August 7. 

With his TV persona of being sleazy and perverted, Yoo Hee Yeol is expected to deliver much laughter to its audience. 

On another note, Big Bang’s Seungri will also be appearing on the program as a guest host on August 7 as well. With his recently revealed NSFW teaser, Seungri’s appearance on the show is being highly anticipated to see what kind of adult humor he will bring to the show. 

Source + Image: eNewsworld

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[NEWS] TOP in Talks to Lead Movie “Tazza 2”
Big Bang’s T.O.P in Talks to Lead Movie “Tazza 2″

Big Bang member T.O.P  is in talks to star in another movie!

YG Entertainment has came out to state that the idol-actor is positively reviewing the lead role, but it has yet to be confirmed. If it is, T.O.P will be starring in “Tazza 2,” the sequel to the 2006 hit movie “Tazza.” The first was directed byChoi Dong Hoon and starred Jo Seung WooKim Hye sooBaek Yoon Sik, and Yoo Hae Jin.

The sequel will be directed by another hit maker director Kang Hyung Chul, who lead “Speedy Scandal” and “Sunny.” It will portray the second volume- “The Hand of God“- of the original manga the first movie was based on, also called “Tazza” and written by Heo Young Man. If T.O.P confirms, he will play the lead role of Hahm Dae Gil, the nephew of the lead character in the first movie.

Currently, T.O.P has finished filming another movie “The Alumni,” which is looking toward a premiere before the end of the year.

Source + Image: Soompi

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[NEWS] Winner Will Be YG’s Next Big Thing But Is Not a “Copy” of Big Bang

WIN PC yang hyun suk 1

On August 20, the press conference for YG Entertainment‘s newest K-Pop project, “WIN: Who Is Next?” was held to introduce the next potential YG boy group, Winner.

During the press conference, CEO Yang Hyun Suk touched upon a vast array of subjects on this upcoming project such as his thoughts on Winner being coined as “the next Big Bang,”

The CEO also displayed his faith in this new group by saying, “The members of Winner are the ones who will take care of YG Entertainment for the next eight years.”

He explained how much of a huge asset Big Bang and other YG artists have been and still are to the company. But he dreams of even bigger things for Winner, as he mentioned that the survival program will air not only in Korea but in many other countries as well.

However, Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t want people to think that Winner will be an extension or copy of Big Bang. “The moment those kinds of words are coined with Winner, it will be a failure. For the last 15 years, I have not debuted a team that overlaps with one another. It’s my personal taste and YG Entertainment’s taste,” and “I will never do anything that is typical. This is what I need to work on,” he firmly said.

Yang Hyun Suk explained that he will make Winner grow and develop on their own to create their own color and style, just as he did with Big Bang. “If I do it for them, they cannot succeed. We are not a company that makes artists with money. No one will know the potential that Winner will bring forth in the future.”

*unrelated news omitted*

Source + Image: Soompi

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[NEWS] G-Dragon Donates 81,800,000 Won to Seungil Hope Foundation in Celebration of His Birthday

Big Bang’s G-Dragon celebrated his 25th birthday by making a generous donation.

G-Dragon made a donation of 81800000 won (~$73,000USD), symbolizing his birthday August 18th, to the Seungil Hope Foundation for the establishment of a rehabilitation hospital for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

YG Entertainment shared that G-Dragon decided on the donation in return of his fans’ overwhelming love and support throughout the years. G-Dragon’s fans made a similar donation, using his birth date, of 8,180,000 won to the same charity in his name.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon will be holding an encore concert of his solo world tour ‘One of a Kind: The Final' on August 31st and September 1st in Korea.

Source: Allkpop

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