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[NEWS] Top Female Celebrities Are Captivated by Big Bang
Top Female Celebrities Are Captivated by Big Bang

So what can Song Hye GyoHan Ga In and Gong Hyun Jung have in common? Besides being the few top actresses crowned for their natural beauty? A big heart for Big Bang!

Song Hye Gyo recently shared in an interview on April 3 that she “loves Big Bang the most.” She continued, “I feel like I get a lot of energy when I’m listening to Big Bang’s songs. I love how they display their sense of freedom. It’s a shame, but I haven’t gone to any of their concerts yet.”

The first female actress who revealed her love for the group is none other than Han Ga In. She has shown many times before that she is a devoted fan of the group and G-Dragon in particular.

Go Hyun Jung is also head over heels. The program director for SBS’s “Go Show” revealed that she scouted Big Bang to appear on the variety talk show because one of the main emcees, Go Hyun Jung, is a big fan of the group. “MC Go Hyun Jung regularly enjoys Big Bang’s songs,” said the director. “Because she’s so interested in them, we decided to get them on the show.”

Their popularity also reaches younger female celebrities. Last December, child actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed on MBC’s “Section TV” that Big Bang’s T.O.P is her ideal type. “He’s first place. I’m a big fan, it can’t be helped.”

YG Entertainment stated, “We heard that celebrities like Han Ga In and Gong Hyo Jin attended G-Dragon’s recent concert. We are always surprised whenever fans upload pictures they took of celebrities near them in the audience. We thank the actresses for loving Big Bang and their music.”

Source + Image: Soompi

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[NEWS] Big Bang to Hold Free Fan Meeting in Indonesia

Big Bang is going to meet its fans in Indonesia through a free fan meeting on April 19th.

On April 12th, Kakao Talk Indonesia officially announced that Big Bang is going to hold a fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. The free event is going to be held on April 19th at JI Expo Hall C, Jakarta at 16.00. 1,100 lucky fans will be able to meet the group for free.

Unfortunately, the leader of the group, G-Dragon, will not be able to appear at the fan meeting because of his solo world tour. On the next day of the fan meeting, G-Dragon will stop in Japan for another concert. Nonetheless, G-Dragon will send an exclusive video message to the Indonesian fans at the event.

Two big screens are going to be prepared in front of the venue for the fans who will not be able to attend the fan meeting, recalling that Big Bang sold 20,000 tickets in Indonesia for their Alive Tour 2012 last October.

1,000 fans will get the free ticket with the first-come-first-serve system at the venue while another 100 lucky fans will win the ticket from an event conducted by KakaoTalk Indonesia on Twitter.

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References: detikHOT

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YG Entertainment Signs Contents Licensing Contract with Aurora World

CEO Yang Min Suk of YG Entertainment met with Aurora World CEO Choi Young Il at the YG office building on April 10 to sign the licensing contract.

The contract will bring together YG Entertainment′s K-Pop content and Aurora World′s merchandise production and licensing expertise. The two companies aim to add YG′s content to a variety of new merchandise areas, then market and sell the goods to the world.

Aurora World is a character marketing company which has recently been promoting its self-produced animation Yoohoo and Friends with Happy Meals in 6,000 McDonalds branches, scattered throughout 40 European countries.

YG Entertainment and Aurora World′s new partnership is expected to bring about a new wind in contents marketing, and expand the global K-Pop boom to a successful merchandising business.

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: enewsworld

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Analyst Kim Siwoo reveals YG Entertainment’s plans for 2013!

Investment Analyst Kim Siwoo recently reported on YG Entertainment’s stock and future activities, including discussion of concerts and releases for 2NE1.

Kim Siwoo, who’s a researcher in Korean investment security stated: In the first half of the year that started with Big Bang and G-Dragon‘s concerts, PSY and Lee Hi, 2NE1 are scheduled to release a new song“.

Researcher Kim further explained The events planned for the first half of the year are, GD’s world tour, Daesung’s Japanese concert, PSY’s new song release, Lee Hi’s promotional activity for her first full album and the release of 2NE1′s new album followed by their promotions“, he added ” 2NE1′s concert, as well as YG Family’s concert tour and Big Bang’s promotions are scheduled for the second half of the year and Kang Seung Yoon and the new girl group will be added to the lineup this summer“.

The articles also mentioned that so far in 2013, YGE’s sales have reached 31.9 billion won (~27.8M USD), which is 6.6 billion (~5.8M USD) more than last year at the same moment The majority of those profits were from Big Bang‘s Dome concerts + Korean concert, G-Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind in Seoul’ and PSY’s album sales.

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[NEWS] Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia Talks about G-Dragon, CL, and Yanggeng on Cuvism Magazine
  • Mademoiselle Yulia talks about CL, GD & Yanggaeng @ Cuvisim Magazine!
Mademoiselle Yulia, rise as a worldwide fashion icon, “Don’t be afraid of failure when you’re young, but go against it. Isn’t that what youth is about?”

Worldwide fashion icon DJ, fashion columnist, designer, etc… Yulia’s interview. Fashion columnist for DJ, NYLON JAPAN as well as brand GIZA’s designer. Mademoiselle Yulia who expanded not only in Japan but worldwide as a fashion icon. She was seen through Mnet’s <2NE1 TV> and was introduced as Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1′s CL friend, afterwards arousing curiosity from many. She plans to not only spread her trends in the nation but worldwide. She became a muse for people who knows fashion, and has made a mark in the fashion industry.

In addition, she is friends with worldwide designers like Vivian Westwood and Jeremy Scott. Launching her latest accessory brand GIZA, she also expanded her connections. Mademoiselle Yulia who believes that instead of following the trend, having one’s own characteristic and solid style is venerable. Let’s begin the interview.

DJ, SINGER, DESIGNER, “Mademoiselle Yulia”

Please introduce you’re self.
  • Yulia: Hello. I am a DJ, brand GIZA’s designer, and a fashion columnist for NYLON JAPAN. I am Mademoiselle Yulia.
You’ve always have a unique and impressive hairstyle. When did you do your current hairstyle?
  • Yulia: 5 years ago, I maintained a blue-colored hairstyle. I also try to maintain a bobbed hair, so since 2 years ago, I’ve been cutting it.
When did you start DJ-ing?
  • Yulia: I started since I was young. I think when I was around 17 years old.
You’re taste in music seems to be unique.
  • Yulia: I don’t just stick with one genre, but I listen to all types of music. Recently, I’ve been into hiphop.
How do you feel when you get to people’s mood up when you’re DJ-ing?
  • Yulia: Before I press play, I always feel nervous. Will they like the music that I will play? I feel that kind of caution. But when I see the audience feel and enjoy my music, I feel that feeling that you can’t express in words.
In Korea’s Mnet ’2NE1 TV,’ you were known as 2NE1′s style Yang SeungHo’s friend, and knew celebrities like 2NE1′s CL
and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. How did you guys become close friends?
  • Yulia: I met 2NE1′s stylist Yang Seungho through my friend when I went to London for a vacation. Then, Yang SeungHo introduced me to G-Dragon and CL, and I made a few more friends in Korea. For the most part, they come to Japan often,so I think we meet and play more in Japan. When I visit Korea, I constantly contact and meet with them.
How do you guys spend your time when you meet?
  • Yulia: Though most of my friends are musicians, designers, etc, I’m also very interested in artistic culture. When we meet, we’d discuss new brands and personally go shopping. We also hang out comfortably like meet up and drink coffee. It’s always fun meeting those friends.
I’m curious about the brands of your preference.
  • Yulia: I like KTZ, and despite being close with Jeremy Scott, I really do love his brand. Additionally, I also like CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy. Recently, I’m also into famous rap-producer, hip-hop artist Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s Style Adviser and designer Pyrex Vision’s brand.
A word from a worldwide fashion icon in styling.
  • Yulia: I think the trends these days change so quickly. Though flowing with the trend is important, knowing your own colors and finding your own style is more important. That way, you’ll know which clothing fits you best and look cool on you. If I were to give a small tip to beginners, try matching the weather of the day.
You’re famous not only nationally, but internationally. A message to your fans.
  • Yulia: Thank you for your interest in me. Remember to not be afraid of failing but face it. That’s what youth is all about, right? Don’t be scared, face it!
What is ‘colored-hair’ to Yulia?
  • Yulia t’s my symbol. Since I’ve maintained my blue-colored hair for a long time now, people who see me for the first time always remember me because of my hairstyle.
Lastly, a message to CUVISM readers.
  • Yulia: I feel very honored to have this interview with CUVISM in Korea. If I have a chance in the future, I’d like to work with CUVISM Magazine. Also, please give lots of love to my album and GIZA (that will be revealed this year), as well as CUVISM Magazine. I want to meet you guys again asap! Please visit my Twitter or blog for updates about me. Thank you!

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[NEWS] G-Dragon Talks about His Tour and Promotion on Naver “Star Column”

Hello!!! Star column readers, this is G-dragon. During Bigbang’s world tour I wrote about BTS stories with our members but now I’m by myself. However I’m not lonely because Bigbang will always be one. They will always be my reliable partner, friend, and supporter. 

I will do my best on my solo world tour. And in this column, I will talk about my relationship with YG sajangnim who always looks after me like my brother, my daily life and hobbies, and my dream. Please enjoy reading it.^^

Since I was little, I never had any fears or tensions about going on the stage. Bigbang worked on concerts more than TV shows so we shouldn’t fear standing on the stage since we’re so used to it. We already have experiences with world tours as well. So there’s nothing really different about solo word tour. But when I go out of Korea to do world tour it sure is tough. But thinking about other artists that don’t have the chance to have a world tour makes me feel thankful about the struggles. And it hasn’t been long since we started this world tour so it’s all good so far. 

Of course it’s physically tiring but we have this thing called “Stage addiction.” Even when you’re tired, you get energetic on stage. Since so many audiences are looking at me. It’s the same doing a photoshoot or a MV shooting. When so many staffs are working for me, I shouldn’t be turning them down just because of my bad condition. 

Actually when I’m full of energy and when I take away the energy from staffs or fans, a photoshoot or a concert comes out well but when I lack in energy or it’s dead, I usually don’t make a satisfying stage. But no matter what, I get good energy when I go on the stage. Even when I feel sick, it feels a lot better. I think that’s how other singers feel going on the stage as well. 

During world tour out members and I enjoy street shopping. I especially shop a lot since I love clothes and since each country has its unique characteristics. So I just look around major fashion streets in those countries. 

When I’m REALLY tired after performances, my way to restore myself is to take a lower body bath watching movies and dramas, saying nothing and staying still for 10 to 15 mins. That’s my time of healing.
I get many inspirations from movies. Few days ago I watched the movie ”New world.” I met the main actor Hwang Jung Min hyung at MAMA awards and we exchanged numbers but we couldn’t contact each other that often. He invited me to his movie preview but I watched it at the theatres due to my schedule and I really liked it. So in return, I invited Hwang Jung Min sunbae to my concert and I’m very happy to hear that he enjoyed it.

I don’t really feel attracted to people who are cool and normal.

Source: Naver
Translated by @BIGBANGGisVIP

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[NEWS] “GDYB: The Best Friends You’ll See in K-Pop”

One of the ABCs of K-Pop is to know what ‘GDYB’ stands for.
If you don’t, you will, eventually. 

As such prominent faces of K-Pop, it’s pretty obvious that G-Dragon and Taeyang’s friendship is one of a kind , since G-Dragon and Taeyang have been at it since they were wee little trainees at YG Entertainment.

Over the many, many years they’ve spent in the YG practice rooms, G-Dragon and Taeyang have grown a special bromance bond that cannot be compared or broken.

So we spotlight this adorable friendship by sharing pictures from their childhood, proving that these fantastic babies do everything together.

There are no such thing as ‘embarrassing photos’ for these two. No need to burn old pictures.

Wittle GD and Taeyang, already spewing out swag at an early age.

Best friends make duck faces together.

They also keep each other company at hair salons.

And get fantastic hairdos

Never let your best friend do weird things by himself

…on more than one occasion.

Only they can poke fun at each other.

They even kept each other accountable and went to school.

But were still bad boys when needed.

And then they both melt into piles of goo when children are in the picture.

Long live this amazing friendship.

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[NEWS] G-Dragon Drops New Song ‘GO’


This weekend marked the launch of BIG BANG leader G-Dragon’s solo world tour. The K-pop rap star has announced stops in Japan and China (with more locations to be announced), but kicked off the trek with two dates in his home country South Korea’s capital city, Seoul.

For the tour, G-Dragon released a new song titled “GO” to lead his upcoming solo project. He performed the track at the two events, but “GO” was not released in its official studio version after the show. In an unprecedented release strategy, the song was revealed through phone app, LINE. According to the Google Play application store, LINE has been ranked No. 1 in the free app category in 42 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The partnership with the BIG BANG member may have come to increase its visibility in South Korea. In order for fans to access the song for the download, they had to install the app with it only available in the Korea, Japan, and Thailand versions of LINE.

"GO" is an aggressive electronic rap track that showcases G-Dragon’s charismatic delivery. At this point in his career, G-Dragon’s signature style is as recognizable in K-pop as Nicki Minaj in American and British pop. The song has a recurrent dubstep breakdown which, curiously, appears before the catchy, repetitive "michi go" hook. The song’s production has some strong resemblance to Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” album opener “Phresh Off the Runway,” but the Barbados pop star incorporates lighter synthesizers and does not include dubstep breakdowns.

G-Dragon has explained that the hook on “GO” refers to a new term for going crazy. This isn’t the K-pop star’s first attempt to coin new slang for wiling out with G-Dragon’s last single “Crayon” instructing listeners to “get your cray on.” Or, get your crazy on.

G-Dragon will get a huge platform to promote “GO” when the Seoul native performs at PSY’s heavily-anticipated comeback concert. PSY will reveal his new single “Gentlemen” at the April 13 show with his YG Entertainment labelmate performing as a special guest. His 16-year-old labelmate Lee Hi (who’s released K-Pop Hot 100 hits like “It’s Over” and three-week No. 1 “1,2,3,4”) will also perform.


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