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Before releasing “ALIVE,” our C.E.O asked us a question half in jest, saying, ‘Big Bang has a huge name value. But do you think the inner qualities are as good as the group’s image?” I was pressured to receive that question and had to partly agree to his thought that we had to try harder. We’re trendy and we have musical talents but something was always missing, which was Big Bang’s image and color. When dropping the album, I wanted to lead people’s emotion rather than to receive favorable reviews from critics. We wanted people to have exclamation marks instead of question marks when listening to our music.
G-Dragon on 10asia Interview
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[On “Fantastic Baby”] While working with Teddy to make a fast beat song, we decided to come up with a beat that most people are unfamiliar with. We gave a little twist to the song by doing things like speeding up the tempo unexpectedly. While a slew of K-pop artists are doing electronica music these days, I made the song to start with just my voice singing in order to distinguish it from other electronica music being produced in the country. We needed to show what’s real. It had to sound like a unique arrangement and unforgettable for anyone who listens so we just mixed our talents.
G-Dragon on 10asia Interview
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[On “Blue” and “Bad Boy”] Our company’s C.E.O was not able to call these two songs as our title tracks till the last moment. Rap songs with a slow tempo like “BAD BOY” is not so popular with people and “BLUE” was more like an extended version of “Love Song” from last year’s special edition album. But we made these two great tracks because we thought it was about time to show the real Big Bang music. And for some reason, it just kind of matched with our situation. If we released the record before going through a lot of troubles last year, or far after the incidents, I don’t think we would’ve been able to put ourselves in the music.
G-Dragon on 10asia Interview
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Rather than catching up on trends, we came to agree that we should always go a few steps ahead of others. Also, we were certain that whatever we do was right. Apart from gaining success in fashion and music, it was important for us to put out what we love. If we had confidence and assurance of what we do, we knew that people will be with us at some point.
G-Dragon on 10asia Interview
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We’re very happy to have won the “Best Fan” award. We would like to thank our V.I.Ps all around the world for voting and supporting us. You really are the best fans in the world. Thank you so much. Last but not least, we wanna thank our YG Family for always be there for us. Thank you, MTV. We love you. Peace!
BIGBANG “Thank You” Speech for MTV Italy TRL “Best Fan” Award
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That’s what I’m talking about :b
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We have the best fans in the world..! Love ya’ll
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Choosing only one song to perform on music show programs to win the #1 spot is meaningless now, in my opinion. What’s more important is that we need to let everyone know of this brand called Big Bang and let everyone know of every song on their album.
Yang Hyun Suk
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BIGBANG for Life

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